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A Telescopic Crane, also known as a mobile crane or hydraulic crane, is a type of crane that uses hydraulic cylinders to extend or retract its boom, which is made up of a series of nested tubes. This allows the crane to reach greater heights and lift heavier loads than traditional cranes. Telescopic Cranes are commonly used in construction, transportation, and shipping industries.

All-Terrain Crane

An All-Terrain Crane is a mobile crane designed to operate on both paved roads and rough terrain. It is equipped with large, heavy-duty tires, and a suspension system that allows it to navigate uneven terrain with ease. All-Terrain Cranes are versatile and flexible, making them ideal for use in a wide range of industries and projects, including construction, mining, and oil and gas.

Rough terrain mobile crane

A rough terrain mobile crane is a type of crane designed to operate on off-road and rough terrain environments. It is equipped with large, heavy-duty tires, and a stable base to support the crane's weight and prevent it from sinking into soft or uneven ground. Rough terrain mobile cranes are commonly used in construction, mining, and oil and gas industries.

Bulk-Handling cranes.

Bulk-Handling Cranes are specifically designed to handle large quantities of loose materials, such as coal, grain, or ore, in bulk. They are equipped with a clamshell or grab bucket that can scoop up large quantities of material at once and deposit it into a cargo hold or onto a conveyor system. Bulk-Handling Cranes are commonly used in ports, terminals, and other facilities that handle large quantities of bulk materials.


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Tilt-up construction jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently, and any roofing task can expect to see a substantial improvement in efficiency.

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Safety and proper material management is incredibly important when it comes to power transmission and, with our company backing an operation, complete any power-related task safely and efficiently.

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HVAC projects require extensive planning and hoisting,a series of rooftop units can be unloaded and lifted quickly and safely, helping you get the job done right in less time.

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Ajay Kumar


Excellent crane service provided for sugar mill. Efficient and timely execution of tasks. Professional and knowledgeable staff ensured safe operations. Highly recommend their services.


Megha India pvt ltd

Exceptional crane service provided. Our team demonstrated expertise in handling a diverse range of cargo, from containers to heavy machinery. They executed tasks with precision and efficiency, ensuring no delays in operations. Safety was paramount, with the team adhering to all protocols and regulations. Overall, an impressive display of professionalism and competence.

Nitin Sharma

Royal infrastructure

Outstanding crane service provided for our company. The team provided excellent support for lifting and moving heavy construction materials with precision and efficiency. Their expert knowledge and professionalism ensured a safe work environment, and their flexibility in accommodating last-minute requests was greatly appreciated. Highly recommend their services.



It was the first using them and the service was excellent. They are professional and efficient. Will definitely use their services again.